Athletes and Hyperbaric Chambers: Taking it to the Next Level


Elite athletes take their performance to higher levels both on and off the field, court, and arena of performance. In some cases, athletes turn to banned substances and performance enhancing drugs to do so, but most athletes find ways to finely tune their bodies naturally using food, diet, recovery and training. Hyperbaric chambers are the next level for natural enhancement of performance.

It is often an athlete’s career, passion and lifelong goal to compete. A growing number of them are relying on technology to help them gain a competitive edge by using hyperbaric chambers in their recovery regimen. They are increasing their performance and longevity with increased oxygen.

Some team doctors and trainers are either requesting that their athletes visit one, or are looking to buy a hyperbaric chamber for their teams. Why? Because there are many hyperbaric chamber benefits, such as:

  • Increased performance
  • Quick recovery
  • Quality of sleep
  • Overall health

There’s a reason you can now find a hyperbaric chamber for sale, or even a portable hyperbaric chamber for sale from companies who aim to help athletes reach optimal success.

What Does a Hyperbaric Chamber do for athletes? 

These chambers work by creating an environment with higher pressure than the world outside of its walls. The athlete is put in a pressurized chamber and breathes the oxygen naturally or uses a mask. Treatments last somewhere between one and two hours depending.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy gives more concentrated oxygen to the athlete. As a result, his or her plasma takes on the increased oxygen and delivers it to tissues in the body. This additional oxygen is the key to the benefits incurred from hyperbaric chamber athletes’ usage.

Increased Performance 

Sport is a human endeavour that has existed for centuries. From the beginning of history there are records of champions and challenges. Not only is it part of our culture, as a result this long history has provided ample opportunity for collecting information. Over the years athletes and trainers have discovered how to push farther and do more. Sport has evolved.

Now we have athletes moving so quickly and powerfully that injuries abound. For example, in the realm of football there has been increased attention on the number of concussions athletes suffer during the game. Joe Namath, who suffered numerous concussions in his 13 year career, found relief and hope for his brain injuries using hyperbaric chamber treatments. Namath became an advocate for the treatments after taking 120 dives and seeing massive results which he described in an interview where he stated, “now I feel sharper than I did in the past.” That is an accomplishment for a man of his age and career status.

Hyperbaric chambers in football have increased along with the injuries. As the athletes increase their abilities, the injury count goes up as well.

Quick Recovery 

Concussions aren’t the only serious injuries being treated. Hyperbaric chambers for sports injuries are being used to aid recovery from numerous injuries. Athletes pin their careers on performance and an injury not only stops them, it can also incur costs for treatment and a loss of pay from being side-lined. To many, hyperbaric chambers for athletes cost them less time and money in the long run.

The increased oxygen has many specific benefits such as reducing swelling and inflammation, increasing the speed at which tissues grow, and allowing more production of collagen. Healing occurs more quickly with all of these.

Hyperbaric chamber treatments aren’t only limited to treating injuries. They are also used to speed up recovery from the intense training and playtime athletes endure. In this way it prevents injury by allowing the body to be in optimal shape. High level athletes such as Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Atlanta Braves pitcher Rafael Soriano, pitcher Jose Veras, and NY Giants running back Rashad Jennings to name a few, use the treatment to recover from training in general.

Quality of Sleep

Another aspect of speedy recovery is the amount of sleep a player gets. Sleep allows the body to repair cells and flush out toxins accumulated throughout the day’s activity. The connection has long been made between sleep and recovery. The better the quality, the better the recovery.

Sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber benefits athletes too. Steve Weatherford describes why he chooses to sleep in one stating, “a hyperbaric chamber reduces swelling, promotes the healing of wounds, helps fight off dangerous infections, and increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.” It is part of his recovery process.  

Overall Health

Athlete or not, hyperbaric chambers can treat a variety of conditions in the same way they increase recovery from injury and training. Progressive Medical Center lists Parkinson’s, stroke, ADHD, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, and migraines among others as conditions that can be treated with hyperbaric chambers.

Although athletes benefit from the chambers, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones. Increased quality of sleep, recovery and overall health is something that is available to everyone. Many are deterred by the hyperbaric chamber cost, but the benefits are numerous. There are many mild hyperbaric chambers for sale and used in the homes of non-athletes.

Performance is king when it comes right down to it. That’s why AirSoak is taking the lead with helping athletes break through plateaus to achieve extraordinary results. Each AirSoak chamber is precision engineered under rigorous testing and boasts the most effective ‘soak’ possible, so you feel the difference immediately. Higher ratio of body-oxygen saturation and pure performance driven results is why AirSoak chambers provide an advanced hyperbaric experience.

AirSoak Hyperbaric Chambers:

  • Deliver 95%+ Oxygen under pressure via a facemask
  • Chamber material crafted from urethane-coated nylon which is the same material NASA uses for it’s space suits
  • Heat welded seams
  • Unique 2-zipper seal for oxygen leak prevention
  • Caron scrubber to prevent carbon dioxide build-ups and filtrates pollutants
  • Delivers safe and effective Oxygen at industry leading 1.35 m -1.4 ATA
  • Large viewing windows
  • On-board air dehumidifier
  • Titanium alloy frame
  • LED lights inside chamber
  • Intercom facilities inside the chamber
  • FDA certified oximeter to see your blood O2 level change in real time
  • FREE shipping to your door in 3-5 days
  • Buy now, pay over time option for easy monthly payments with Paypal Credit (lower left)

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